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What is

Stack-Cup™ boasts a unique patented handle design that enables spiral-pattern stacking for easy portability. Stack-Cup™ is washable, durable and reusable - the perfect green solution for contributing to today's growing revolution against a throw-away society.

Why Use


100% recyclable and reusable. Saves event organisers time and money, no more picking up plastic disposable cups!


Carrying drinks to friends has never been easier, no more spills just refreshing beverages all round!

Increased Sales

People take the Stack-Cup home. There it is. Your advert or promotion gets taken home and shown to others.


Our full colour printing service means you can expect a high quality print of your brand image on a Stack-Cup.

Make it
your own

The Stack-Cup™ itself is an excellent opportunity for brand advertising or product advertising and of course promotions in general. Due to the surface area available for print coverage it makes a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Getting your message out there is a difficult thing to do. But then you're in marketing already and know that it can be a struggle. Well how about marketing your product/brand or whatever you need on a Stack-Cup?




  • 10,000 cups to supply The Varsity Boat Race
  • Lead sponsor to the event

Coca Cola

  • Promotional products for Coca Cola
  • Used at Copenhagen Zoo and for a Christmas promotion

Coors Light

  • 500,000 units supplied
  • Supporting Miller Coors sports programmes for College Basket Ball, NFL, NHL, College Football

Hong Kong 7's

  • 10,000 supplied into Hong Kong Village
  • Replaced circa 60,000 disposable cups


  • 300,000 cups per annum
  • 30,000 daily


  • 50,000 Units to support several UK sporting events from Cricket to F1
  • Often used on the Kingfisher Big Red Bus

Stade Francais

  • 80,000 cups per season
  • Fully implemented across the stadium


  • 250,000 cups to support several festivals in Scandinavia
  • Replaced circa 2,000,000 disposables

Scottish Rugby

  • 5000 units Supplied to the Caledonia Best Bitter bar within the stadium

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