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STACK-CUP™ at Utilia Sheffield Arena

Sheffield Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in Sheffield. Also known as Utilita Arena Sheffield, it is home to many exciting concerts, sporting events and to the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey club. With a capacity of over 13,000, Stack-Cups have been implemented here to reduce the amount of waste it previously produced when it used single-use plastics at their venue. Stack-Cups eradicate the use of single-use plastics and in doing so, help to significantly improve the amount of environmental waste produced at their many events. 


Sheffield Arena needed a friendlier alternative. With Stack-Cups washable, durable and reusable features as well as its patented handle (making a cumbersome tray unnecessary), it ticks all the right boxes. There is no waste on spilt drinks either. Sheffield Arena promotes STACK-CUPs well revised reusable cup programme with each cup costing £1, that can be exchanged each time you return for a new drink. Your re-used Stack-Cup will then be washed off-site and placed back into circulation for future events. More than 60,000 Stack-Cups are in circulation at Sheffield arena and have enabled them to drastically reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by an estimated 266 Mg C (tonnes). At the end of Sheffield Arena’s events, customers can leave their reusable Stack-Cups in the designated bins, ready to be washed and reused or taken home and brought back to the venue on your next visit. Please do not place your clever Stack-Cup in general waste! All £1 donations end up going towards the Sheffield City Trust.


Stack-Cup’s enhance a customer’s experience with every refreshing beverage with its simplistic design and will continue the Sheffield’s City Trusts mission to reduce the environmental impact the venue has, limiting the number of disposable cups by 70,000+ each year. Waste’s less, carry more @ STACK-CUP.

The Wastage Problem with Festivals

STACK-CUP™ provide innovative solutions for events. Reusable cups.

2020 to 2021 has certainly been a rough year for indoor and outdoor festivals. With the UK slowly starting to open, there has been a high demand for tickets as festivalgoers are excited to return. In fact, according to Reticket, who surveyed 140,000 festivalgoers, 79% of respondents stated they would go to a live event between June and August.

With high demand, tickets are selling fast, but there is continued concern around the wastage and the mess left behind following a festival. Through the last festival season, it’s estimated that 23,500 tonnes of waste were produced by events across the UK. To put that into perspective, it’s about the same weight as 78 fully loaded Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

After a festival finishes, there is usually a brigade of litter pickers to try to clean up the venue. Festival-goers discard sleeping bags, tents and many other items that would take years and years to decay. There have been many strategies to combat the issue, most notably Glastonbury banning single-use plastic drink bottles.

Several festivals have incorporated aluminium cans to help ease the pressure on the environment as well as bans on plastic plates, cups, straws and cutlery.

STACK-CUP™ is passionate about all things related to recycling and the environment. Our reusable plastic glasses remove the need for cup carriers and trays, decreasing queuing times for customers. The Stack Cup range has been launched and implemented across stadiums, festivals and major events.

We make reusable schemes simple for our customers, we offer a full personalisation service allowing you to customise your cups to your needs and our global partner, Hobart, helps wash and dry millions of cups in the cleanest, fastest, and most sustainable way possible. 

STACK-CUP™ and Newbury Racecourse

STACK-CUP™ were delighted to be the reusable cup programme of choice for Newbury Racecourse. It was a pleasure to see customers enjoying a day out at the races using our STACK-CUP™ and STACK-FLUTE™. All of the cups will be washed and reused at future race meetings. Sustainability in ACTION.

We are experts in launching and running reusable cup schemes for stadiums, festivals and major events. Our flagship product, STACK-CUP™, removes the need for cup carriers and trays, decreasing queue times and increasing bar spending.

We make reusable cup schemes simple for our clients and their customers. From rental and purchase models to cup returns options, we’ll handle it!

STACK-CUP™ & IQ Magazine's Annual Green Guardians Guide 2021.

We’re delighted to feature in IQ Magazine‘s annual Green Guardians Guide 2021. Recognition for our ongoing work to transition festivals & events into reusable cups!

Green Guardians Guide is “An annual list (and badge of honour) launched last year to boost the profile of those working at the forefront of sustainability, in the hope that it might also inspire others to take up the challenge of making live events, and day-to-day life, more environmentally friendly.”

STACK-CUP™ and Dutch Cup

STACK-CUP™ & Dutch Cups partnership. Reusable cup solutions avialable for bespoke branding or designs to pick from.

STACK-CUP™ and Dutch Cups are proud to announce a strong and exclusive partnership for the European and UK markets. Both companies share a similar mission to reduce single-use plastic cups and replace them with reusables.

Their reusable cup products and services are complementary. Both offer clients a full-service reusable cup system. STACK-CUP™ has a range of patented, stackable cups that make carry trays redundant.

Dutch Cups has a fantastic range of PP cups, polycarbonate glasses and other related products. Together their range of cups is unrivalled in the market.

They have washing facilities that can service venues and festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Wales and Scotland. This adds strength to each other’s offering and allows them to build on their shared expertise in delivering the best experience and logistics for clients.

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