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Q-CUP™ 625ml

The classic Q-CUP™ is one of few in our range without a handle. Sustainable and durable, these stackable cups are sold as a 625ml measure, with a pint to line mark on the side.

With three off the shelf designs, the Q-CUP™ is a perfect choice to give some character to your event, without spending a fortune in personalising cups.

Washable and strong, the clever design means the Q-CUP™ can be used over and over again – helping to reduce waste and save the planet!

Made to be returned and reused, these cups will also avoid any unnecessary trip hazards caused by throwaway disposable cups as customers either take them back to the bar to be refilled or take them home as a souvenir.

An environmentally friendly event choice!

Each cup has the following markings/measurements:

500ml mark line
625ml to brim
Pint mark line


UK Delivery only. Get in touch to arrange international delivery enquiries.


Fill out the form below to request an order of our Q-CUP™ 625ml in our variety of pre-set designs. Alternatively, you can submit your own design on the bespoke branding page.



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