Reusable Cups for Sports Events | Interview with Marlie Packer | STACK-CUP™

STACK-CUP™ and Marlie Packer in Twickenham!

STACK-CUP™ work with Marlie Packer who shares our strong sustainability values and helps us to spread the word throughout clubs, games, and venues.

We recently spent a sunny afternoon in Twickenham and STACK-CUP™ Managing Director, James Roles, got to speak to Marlie about her goals and aspirations for the season ahead.

With so much going on right now in the world of Rugby, it's an incredibly exciting time for our England women's rugby captain 🏉

Stay tuned for more from STACK-CUP™ and Marlie 💚

Reusable Cups for Sports Events | Interview with Marlie Packer | STACK-CUP™

Looking forward, what goals and aspirations do you have for the season ahead?

It's a massive season ahead, we've got WXV just around the corner over in New Zealand, obviously we lost the World Cup there this time last year. I can’t wait to head back over there and put a performance on, but one that we're all really proud of! We've got a new look squad, so we've got new coaching staff which are really excited. We’ve also just come back from pre-season camps and they’ve been tough going, so this beer is definitely well deserved! And then we've got Six Nations and we've also got another game here at Twickenham. Hopefully we can beat that world record of 58,000 at Twickenham, but it's about just getting out there, playing and enjoying it; putting on the best performance and smiling when I'm doing it.

Your profile as a leader and reputation is growing fast, how are you using this to make a positive difference?

For me, it's something I relish. I think when you become a leader you can feel so much more pressure from the outside world looking in, expecting a certain way for you to act and handle yourself. But for me, I just go about my business the way I've been doing it. And that's why England and the coaches asked me to be captain. The way I conduct myself in and around the pitch has pushed me out of my comfort zone in areas - talking in public to big audiences and sometimes having to do the team talk before training sessions to really push the girls to perform. I think that's that little bit about me and a force to be reckoned with. That's why I wanted to push out to a wider audience about sustainability and work with the likes of STACK-CUP™. That's what it’s all about - making the future bright and better through using reusable plastic and reiterating people need to get onboard now and not wait until the future.

This is of course a massive time commitment, so you’re going to be pretty busy then?

Yes, very busy, but that’s exciting in itself. I relish the opportunity of the busyness because for me, you only get so much shelf life as a rugby player and with that I think you've got to grab it with both hands. I'm only going to be this busy doing this kind of stuff for a short time and then afterwards I can really push on the things I want to do in later life. Right now, it's about being the best version of me and the rugby player I am. I’m making sure that the red roses are selling out Twickenham from 2025. It's not even two years to go until the World Cup and that’s something that I really want to be a part of; to get my 100 caps and try and educate young and old people about reusable plastic and sustainability.

Moving onto the partnerships that we have with companies, how can these help you to achieve your own personal and professional passions and beliefs?

For me, when aligning with those partners it’s about me being myself. I want to have that personal connection with them, that they believe in what I do on and off the pitch and that's what I want to do with the companies I work with. Sustainability wise, I've got a young son now and I want the planet to be in a good place. If I play my part, I've got a platform where I can really sell this information and aim at a different audience to what  STACK-CUP might have. I can educate them, draw them in and hopefully they think, ‘let's get on board’, because it's not about waiting and doing it tomorrow, next week, next year, but doing it now.

What do you like about STACK-CUP™ and what they are doing? 

I like that it’s something completely different. You see festivals and all the single use plastic being chucked in the bin.  STACK-CUP is a really great idea where you can hold multiple cups, you don't have to do trips back and forth in the bar spilling it everywhere, but actually it's about sustainability of it. For me, it's a fun way of having a beer and doing your bit for the planet and for everyone around you as well.

Finally, what words of advice would you give to companies or individuals who want to be more sustainable?

For me, it's about doing it now. There’s no time like the present so don’t wait, because what you do now might only be a little bit but in the future it all adds up to a massive bit. 

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