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Our Vision

To live in a world were consuming is fun, guilt free and doesn't destroy our planet.

Our Mission

We exist to enhance experiences around the world by creating the smartest reusable products.

Our Belief

Changing consumers' behaviour and habits will lead to a better future for our planet.

Keen To Be Green

We all know that the throwaway culture needs to end, and by using our reusable cups, you can dramatically change the impact that your business has on the environment.

By working with STACK-CUP™, you can help influence people’s green behaviour and habits for the better, whilst enhancing their experiences.

Below is an example of the kind of reduction in waste you can achieve by changing to reusable STACK-CUP.

Logo of STACK-CUP™ theatres. STACK-CUP™ offer reusable cup solutions available for hire or purchase. STACK-CUP™ also offer bespoke branding or designs to choose from.

On average Theatres will waste 100,000 Disposable Cups per Event

Only 33,333 STACK-CUP™ cups needed Save waste with STACK-CUP™

STACK-CUP™ offer bespoke branding and designs for large or small events, we have worked with large stadiums providing reusable cup solutions.

On average Stadiums will waste 500,000 Disposable Cups per Event

Only 166,667 STACK-CUP™ cups needed Save waste with STACK-CUP™

STACK-CUP™ have provided reusable cup solutions for large festivals. Bespoke branding available for large events.

On average Festivals will waste 750,000 Disposable Cups per Event

Only 250,000 STACK-CUP™ cups needed Save waste with STACK-CUP™

Branded Reusable Cups For Your Events

We are experts in launching and running reusable cup schemes for stadiums, festivals and major events. Our flagship product, STACK-CUP™, removes the need for cup carriers and trays, decreasing queue times and increasing bar spending.

We make reusable cup programmes simple for our clients and their customers. From hire and purchase models to cup returns options, we’ll handle it!

Our Patented Stackable Handle

Have you ever juggled drinks while leaving the bar? The unique handle on a STACK-CUP™ means you can carry multiple cups easily in one hand.

We have a variety of different sizes to suit your requirements, including a range of pints and half-pints. We also have flutes for wine and champagne.

Our STACK-CUP™ cups are made from Polypropylene (PP). These are reusable cups that can be used time and time again due to the durable material. It is also CE approved for both hot and cold drinks.

Reusable Program: Washing and Logistics

Whatever your requirements, we can create a tailormade wash solution to suit your business, whether you’re a small to medium venue, large arena or stadium, festival or catering partner – we’ll handle it!

We have a number of logistics centres around the UK to ensure we are always only a stone’s throw away, ready and waiting to wash and dry your cups, no matter the quantity. 

We strive to ensure we are never more than two hours drive away from our venues. We have also set up a number of in-venue wash solutions which we have rolled out.


Stack-cup work alongside a variety of charities with the aim of reducing plastic usage and waste.

Stack-cup has been in partnership with City-to-Sea, with Wembley Arena launching its reusable cup scheme in 2019, all profits from the events were donated to the charity. In the first two months, 44,000 cups were saved from landfills and thousands of pounds were raised to support City-to-Sea.

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