Reusable Cups For Sports Events

Introduce STACK-CUP™ to your stadium, arena or sports ground. We work with Rugby Clubs, Cricket grounds, tennis courts and all major sporting events and venues. If you are looking for a better alternative to single-use plastic at your sports venue, we can prove a positive long term impact for your business. The benefits of using our sustainable event cups extend beyond a single event, because every time your reusable cups are used, they contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and environmental harm. Why not take advantage of our branded cups for events, and place your club's message on your reusable cups?

What We Do

We help Sports Events become more sustainable and environmentally conscious and we can save Sports Venues from sending hundreds of thousands of plastic cups to landfill sites every year. Our reusable cup system transforms the experience for your guests, when it comes to food and drinks service. Our unique, stackable handle provides a convenient option for customers to buy and carry multiple drinks in one hand from the bar.



We all know that the throwaway culture needs to end, and by using our reusable cups, you can dramatically change the impact that your business has on the environment. The unique handle on a STACK-CUP™ means you can carry multiple cups easily in one hand. Our cups are made from Polypropylene (PP). These are reusable cups that can be used and washed more than 500 times. Whatever your requirements, we can create tailor-made wash solutions to suit your business. Whether you're a small to medium venue, large arena or stadium, festival or catering partner - we'll handle it! We have a number of logistics centres around the UK, and strive to ensure we are never more than two hours drive away from your venue. We also provide in venue wash solutions.