Plastic Cup's For Festivals & Outdoor Events

All over the world, festivals are more and more popular every year, and they are attended by millions of music lovers and culture seekers. Every year, there are over 7,000 outdoor events in the UK and it is estimated that over 100 million single-use plastic cups are used and thrown away at events during this cycle. To minimise the environmental impact of events, organisers can take steps such as reducing waste and using eco-friendly cup products. The benefits of reusable cups at festivals and events are huge and by taking a proactive approach to environmental sustainability, events can minimise their impact and promote a more sustainable future. 

What We Do

We stop festivals, summer experiences and outdoor events from sending hundreds of thousands of plastic cups to landfill sites every year. By opting to use reusable cups for festivals, you can promote environmental sustainability, reduce queue times, increase your revenue and create a more positive guest experience. Reusable cups are also safer for large-scale outdoor events because they are made of durable materials that reduce the risk of breakage and prevent accidents from broken glass or plastic.


Here at STACK-CUP™, we aim to live in a world where consuming is FUN and sustainable and we believe that changing consumer behaviour will lead to a better future for our planet. The benefits of using our sustainable event cups extend beyond a single event, because every time your reusable cups are used, they contribute to a reduction in plastic waste and environmental harm. Why not take advantage of our branded cups for events, and place your festival's message on your reusable cups? Whether you're a small to medium venue, large arena or stadium, festival or catering partner - we'll handle it! We have a number of logistics centres around the UK, and strive to ensure we are never more than two hours drive away from your venue.