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Sustainable Winter Events with STACK-CUP™

Sustainability for winter events is an important consideration for event organisers - It’s one of the busiest times of the year for Events Professionals and Venues, and STACK-CUP™ supports the events industry by offering a simple alternative to single use plastic. 

When planning your winter events, its important to prioritise sustainability whilst also improving customer experience and drinks service. Whether they are winter festivals, sports events, or holiday celebrations, these cold-weather events often come with unique challenges and opportunities for sustainability and your Winter Events provide another huge opportunity to deliver on key sustainability values. This not only beneficial for the environment but can also enhance your event's reputation and appeal to environmentally-conscious attendees! 

There is increasing popularity and adoption of reusable products and practices for events and live music venues because they offer a more sustainable alternative to single-use items in the events industry. 

Here are some examples of Winter Events that STACK-CUP™ can support you with:

Christmas Markets

Mulled wine never looked SO good! Christmas Markets are an incredibly popular winter activity for families and tourists. As visitor numbers increase year on year, make sure that your sustainability efforts are enhanced with reusable cups for your winter events.

Food & Drink Festivals

Nothing beats a warm winter food and drink festival! We offer Event Organisers convenience, efficiency and enhanced sustainability, making our reusable cups a beneficial choice for events of all sizes.


Placemaking maximises your local community's assets and potential by promoting people's health, happiness and well-being. From outdoor Winter Events, Ice Rinks, Bars, Entertainment, Music Festivals, Winter Wonderlands and Light Trails - Sustainability forms a core part of this strategy for Councils, Developers and BID’s.

Winter Festivals

Embrace and enjoy the winter at local “festive” festivals! These festivals are designed to bring people together and provide opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and cultural activities. If your event is annual, opt for branded cups that can be used year on year, saving you money! 

Winter Sports Events

There is a huge range of winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and ice skating competitions to consider. Working with sports arenas and stadiums at sports events of all sizes, we have saved millions of single use plastic cups from landfill! We support local, national and international events.

Winter Wine and Beer Festivals

Are you planning an event that offers tastings of seasonal wines, craft beers, and ciders? Why not opt for sponsored, branded cups for your customers and the brands that you are working with? We offer an express branding service, so you wont have to worry about delivery!

By taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise waste, you can create a more responsible and enjoyable winter event. We can create tailor-made wash solutions to suit your venue or event and we have a number of logistics centres around the UK, so that we can ensure we are never more than two hours drive away from you!  Working with Event Organisers, Venues, Breweries, Catering and Bar Partners, Councils and BID’s, we provide the greenest reusable cup system for events. 

You can opt for Generic Cups, including some of our own designs or you can create a clever marketing tool and brand your own!


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