Stack-Cup launches reusable cup system at Outernet

In an effort to become one of the most sustainable and environmentally conscious entertainment venues in London, Outernet has launched reusable cups from STACK-CUP™. Outernet is a new 2,000-capacity entertainment venue in the heart of London’s West End.

In September 2022, Outernet London approached STACK-CUP™ looking for a better alternative to single-use plastic. Outernet decided to launch from the start with STACK-CUP™. The feedback from customers and staff was overwhelmingly positive with the stackable handle providing a convenient option for customers to buy and carry multiple drinks in one hand from the bar.

Marketing Director, Fred Letts, said: “As the largest new events venue in London, we have implemented a host of initiatives to ensure we deliver an amazing experience for customers in an environmentally friendly way. As a part of this, we have introduced reusable cups with STACK-CUP™. The stackable cups mean customers can carry more drinks and that we have a better alternative to single-use disposables”.

Helping reduce Outernet's carbon footprint

STACK-CUP™ provided a full programme of support to Outernet at launch and helped them to ensure cups remain in the venue and are washed on site to minimise CO2 emissions. By using reusable cups, Outernet to date has stopped the equivalent of 329,000 single-use cups from going into landfill waste.

Launched in September 2022

215,000 cups washed & saved from going to waste landfill

10mg (tonnes) CO2e reduced vs using disposable cups

Outernet-London-Stack-Cup-Reusable-Cups for-Events