The OVO Hydro are eliminating single use plastic at live events with the introduction of STACK-CUP™. 

Our unique, reusable cups can be stacked, allowing you to carry multiple cups in each hand, meaning far less chance of spillage! We are working with the venue to replace and remove single use plastic cups with a reusable and sustainable alternative. Cups are washed off site for use at the next event, with the potential for each cup during its lifespan, to be washed up to 500 times. STACK-CUP™ was introduced for the first time at Planet Earth II, on Sunday 27 March 2022, at the OVO Hydro and they are in use for seating areas throughout the venue.

"The SEC is committed to working towards a greener future for live events, and the removal of single-use plastic cups in the OVO Hydro and SEC Armadillo is a huge step forward in our sustainability journey.  Switching to STACK-CUPTM will help us save 2m single-use plastic cups per year and reduce our carbon footprint by 1500 tonnes in 10 years. The initiative will have a positive impact on fans’ experience, as they are convenient and easy to carry"

The cups were also used for the first time in the SEC Armadillo in March 2022, at RuPaul’s Drag Race. Standing area trials have taken place over the past few months and STACK-CUP™ will now be used for all events going forward. The STACK-CUP™ initiative will result in the Scottish Event Campus saving 2 MILLION plastic cups per year and reducing their carbon footprint by 1,500 TONNES in the next 10 years. A key part of their journey towards net zero by 2030.

  • 56 TONNES of carbon has been saved (this is equivalent to driving around the planet 6 times)
  • £5000 has been donated to Nordoff Robbins
  • 85% cups are returned
  • 15% cups are taken home