STACK-CUP™ have now launched at SWG3 in Glasgow, in an effort to support their impressive 'Net Zero' plans.

As one of Scotland's busiest venues, the business is committed to radically reducing emissions to net zero by 2025. We've provided branded cups that are sure to grab your attention. These are going to be a real treat for the 250,000 guests that SWG3 welcomes year on year!

SWG3 has already achieved so much in their effort to reduce emissions to net zero. Eliminating single use plastics was the next big thing on the list, and now with STACK-CUP™ - They have done just that! With over 250,000 people coming through the doors every year, this next step to sustainability is going to make a HUGE difference. Its inspiring to work with a business that shares such strong sustainability values, working with SWG3 has been a match made in heaven!

SWG3's mission is to keep dancing, keep working, keep creating, keep inspiring in a genuinely sustainable way — We are pumped to be working with them - Promoting a greener future together. The impressive space is one of Glasgow's most distinctive independent venues, hosting clubs, gigs, arts and more. So grab a STACK-CUP™ and RETURN, REFIL, REPEAT