STACK-CUP™ announce partnership with The Halls Wolverhampton

In an effort to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, The Halls Wolverhampton are now working with STACK-CUP™ to reduce the amount of single use plastic at the venue. Wolverhampton Halls officially reopened in the summer, after being under refurbishment for the past few years. We are proud to announce our partnership with the venue, in collaboration with ASM Global, providing our reusable cups system for customers.

The Halls Wolverhampton are delighted to introduce the eco-friendly STACK-CUP™ to the live music venue. Our reusable cups are helping eliminate single-use waste as well as waving goodbye to cup carriers and trays, as customers can enjoy the convenience of this unique cup. STACK-CUP™ was introduced primarily for our sustainability credentials. By introducing a multi-functional reusable cup, they are ensuring that their impact on the environment is significantly reduced. By deploying a reusable cup scheme The Halls have ensured that no single-use plastic cups, paper cups or paper trays are being used and sent to landfill as a result of their events. An added bonus is that STACK-CUP™ benefits gig-goers, as they are incredibly easy to carry, allowing fans to hold multiple cups in each hand as they return to their seats!

Formally Wolverhampton Civic Hall, this was a regular calling point for BLUR back in the 90's so it came as no surprise that they chose to kick off their comeback for the venue's exciting re-launch! We are helping music venues become more sustainable and environmentally conscious and we can save them from sending hundreds of thousands of plastic cups to landfill sites every year. Our reusable cup system transforms the experience for your guests, when it comes to drinks service. Concert Venues can decrease queue times and increase bar spend by easing departure and removing the need for trays. Our unique, stackable handle provides a convenient option for customers to buy and carry multiple drinks in one hand from the bar and customers can carry as much as 8 pints with relative ease.