"This isn't just a sustainability decision, it's a customer service decision" 

In an effort to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, The Kia Oval launched the reusable cup system from STACK-CUP™. We are very proud to be an official partner with The Kia Oval - Surrey County Cricket Club. Reducing their environmental impact is incredibly important to The Oval and their agreement with STACK-CUP™ saves them from sending hundreds of thousands of plastic cups to landfill sites every year. In 2015, The Kia Oval London approached STACK-CUP™ because they were looking for a better alternative to single-use plastic at their sports venue. The Oval decided to launch STACK-CUP™ as it was clear that the benefits of our reusable cup system would transform the experience for guests, with food and drinks service. Paired with our strong sustainability values, the prestigious sports venue is now moving towards a greener future with STACK-CUP™ . The feedback from customers and staff has been incredibly positive with the stackable handle providing a convenient option for customers to buy and carry multiple drinks in one hand from the bar.


“For many years, we’ve taken sustainability very seriously at The Oval and we’ve had a long term partnership with STACK-CUP™. Even from a customer perspective, this isn't just a sustainability decision, it's a customer service decision. The handles, and allowing guests to stack their cups and take multiple drinks back to their seats is a massive benefit to us. It removes us from having cardboard carriers to carry beer to the seats, but it also allows people to buy food at the same time as their drinks and go back to their seats and enjoy it. It's just quicker, the operation is more effective, it's more efficient and it's better for the customer. From our side, while it's been hugely challenging when you're trying to wash and reuse a hundred thousand cups on a daily basis here, we believe that reusing cups is a far better route than it is to try and recycle those cups. And it will be for the long term for us, from that side as well” ALEX LEWIS, VENUE DIRECTOR


With approximately 1.2 million pints of lager and ales being sold at the Kia Oval each year, the launch of the reusable STACK-CUP™ will continue to lead to a huge saving in plastic waste. It joins initiatives already in place at the venue including the banning of plastic straws and plastic bags and the introduction of compostable coffee cups and the recycling of coffee grounds into biofuel.

  • The Oval saves an estimated 1.2 million disposable cups from going to landfill each year through the return and reuse of STACK-CUP™
  • The Oval saves an estimated 60Mg (tonnes) of CO2e by reusing cups
  • The Oval holds 27,500 people and hosts major international Test matches each year