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Benefits of Branded Cups

Here at STACK-CUP™ we offer the best reusable cup solution for venues and events. But what about exploring Branded Reusable Cups for your next event

Branded cups provide excellent marketing and branding opportunities for your business. You can customise them with your logo, slogan, or artwork, turning each cup into a walking advertisement! Win, win… The marketing and branding opportunities available are literally endless, with so many creative opportunities for personalisation. 

Here some of the Benefits of Branded Cups:

  1. Brand Awareness: Branded cups are your mobile brand ambassador! Cheers to that! Branded cups provide an opportunity for your business to showcase your brand’s message to a much wider audience - When your customers use these cups in public or at other events, they are actively promoting your business's brand to a wider audience, increasing your brand visibility and brand recognition.
  2. Customer Loyalty AND Engagement: Offering branded reusable cups as promotional items or incentives will strengthen the bond that you have with your customers. It shows that your business values sustainability and cares about your customers' well-being. This can lead to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth promotion. Which is the best kind of marketing!
  3. Cost Savings: While the initial investment in branded reusable cups may be higher than disposable cups, in the long run, it WILL save your business money. By encouraging customers to bring their cups for refills or offering discounts for using reusable cups, your business will reduce the cost of purchasing single-use cups, and you can use your unique cups year on year.
  4. Encourage social media engagement: User-generated content (UGC) is absolute gold for your business because it doesn’t require a time or money investment from your team. Well-designed branded cups are a great way to encourage your customers to post images of themselves with your product in the frame…. You could even incentivise customers, to see how creative they can get for your social media accounts!
  5. Attention grabbing: If you are considering ordering branded cups, make sure that your design and the artwork that you choose to personalise them will really grab your customers attention. Use bright colours, creative patterns, and bold fonts when designing your branded reusable cups. Learn more about our express branding service….
  6. Traveling advertising: Unlike a billboard, a branded reusable cup will move around your site constantly. Customers who purchase a beverage from you in a reusable cup are helping your logo to be seen by potentially thousands of people. They might even take it home too as a souvenir and talk about it with their friends and family for months to come!
  7. Incorporate technology: Consider adding a QR code to your reusable cups for increased customer loyalty - customers and event goers can use it to access information like  your website, menu, or upcoming events. QR codes can also link your customers to your social media sites, which could grow your following, and allow your client base to view any exciting new announcements. Additionally, a QR code could be linked to a customer loyalty scheme, offering them discounts next time they visit.

We offer an express branding service so that you can have bespoke cups for your event, ready in a week. Got a message to shout about? Add it to your cup!

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