STACK-CUP - The Future of Sustainable Events

STACK-CUP - The Future of Sustainable Events

Ever tried to carry multiple pints at the same time? It's an absolutely nightmare. You're avoiding bumping into people, afraid of dropping one (or all) of the pint cups and, quite often, you can barely see where you're going—it's a disaster waiting to happen.

But what if we told you that there was a better and easier way - that just so happens to be sustainable too?!

STACK-CUP™ has a cleverly designed (and globally patented) spiral handle allowing you to hold up to four reusable pint cups in one hand. So now you can say 'goodbye' to those spilled pints and 'hello' to a better time!

stack cup makes it easy for anyone to carry multiple pints in one hand with our unique handle design, which works perfectly with our reusable and eco-friendly pint cup*Don't try this at home 👀 
Carrying multiple pints in one hand has never been easier with STACK-CUP!

Our slogan 'Carry More, Waste Less' refers to our handy (sorry, we had to) handle design and the fact that our cups are washable & reusable (for up to 500 washes).

The unique design of our plastic pint cups eradicates the need for cumbersome carrying and the never-ending disposal of single-use cups and even drink trays. By using STACK-CUP, you're not only cutting your event costs, you are also making life easier for the end user and making a sustainable choice for your event cup solution!

Our sustainable event cups went down a hit at a recent music event

Want to make your event even more memorable? Well STACK-CUP is also fully customisable, with your own artwork, to promote your brand or event. This makes our brandable cups perfect for adding your personal touch to parties, sporting events, festivals and more! 

If you'd like to customise your STACK-CUP, please follow the link here and one of the team will be happy to help.

Don't want to buy cups? No problem, we've got cups available for short-term hire as well! Find out more here.

Find out why we're trusted by so many events nationwide here ->

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